Epson (LQ-50) Dot Matrix Printer

Compact, versatile bill printer with flexible wide-receipt options
– Allows users to print on wider receipts
– Saves counter space
– High quality printing

Allows users to print on wider receipts

  • It supports 152.4mm (6″”) width fanfold paper for the issuing of receipts. Roll paper can also be used if the optional roll paper holder is attached to the printer.


Saves counter space

  • At only 275mm (10.83″”) wide, it is compactly designed to allow easy installation even on counters with limited space.


High quality printing

  • Its 24-pin print head supports printing of Indian texts in high resolution both by the command control and through a Windows® driver. 10 local Indian language device fonts are pre-installed. In addition, it is designed to perform well in dusty or sandy locations.