FP65i Financial Card Printer

Secure, on-demand card issuance

The Datacard® FP65i™ financial card printer instantly issues new and replacement credit, debit and gift cards, minimizing cardholder wait-time and reducing the risk of lost or stolen cards.

  • Give customers immediate purchasing power.
  • Minimize the costs of centralized issuance and mailing.
  • Protect cards with patented rear indent printing and other security features.

Rear Indent Printing
Incorporate additional security with zero-to 9 character rear indent printing with locking enclosure

Smart card personalization (factory install or field upgrade)
Choose the dual contact/contactless reader to personalize smart cards.

Printer-PC security software
This feature disables printing if the printer is connected to any PC that is not the designated host PC, so the printer cannot print cards if it is stolen.

Hardware lock system
Prevent theft of supply items with optional locks for the input hopper, cover and rear enclosure.

Security lock
Securely attach the printer to a workstation with the Kensington® cable lock.

Combine with Datacard® CardWizard® issuance software and create a flexible instant issuance environment that can easily adapt to your needs.