About us

In Nepal the name “Mercantile” has been associated with office automation from the very inception of the Mercantile Group in 1951. For over four decades, the company, Mercantile Group of Companies has enjoyed the largest and most prestigious clientele in the arena of office automation. Today the three key companies of the group, Mercantile Traders, Mercantile Office Systems and Mercantile Communications Private Limited, still enjoy similar market share and prestige and are considered the most mature and full-grown companies in their respective fields. Mercantile Traders deals in Office Automation, Mercantile Office Systems in Computer Peripherals and Software, and Mercantile Communications in Internet Technology.

Mercantile Traders first began dealing in computers from a business standpoint in 1983. It opened up a computer division comprising of only two personnel. Sensing the involvement in office automation would not be complete without a strong commitment to the ever growing computer industry, a new sister company, Mercantile Office Systems, was launched in 1985. With the boom in the communications field, Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. was formally established in 1994 with the sole objective of providing Internet Services in Nepal. The operations for providing Internet services were started in 1993 on test basis.

Today Mercantile Office Systems (MOS) is the leading computer company in Nepal employing over 300 professionals with wide interests encompassing almost every domain of computerization. Its key partners, namely, local customers and foreign principals, have been selected with care and they in turn have contributed tremendously to the company’s growth.

Mercantile has a strong team of over 90 programmers involved in developing software applications. Mercantile has developed software applications for banking (10 out of the 15 commercial banks and 6 financial institutions use the software developed by Mercantile). Mercantile has also developed a web-based application called Etracks, which keeps track of events happening in the company and also provides a wide range of support services, from seamlessly handling the support calls overflow to taking over all products responsibilities on a 24/7 basis. Mercantile has also developed web-based applications for its international clients, which involves matching the requirement of buyers and sellers. Mercantile is on the way of developing Intranet portals, which are going to be used internally as well as by its international customers.

Mercantile Office Systems Pvt. Ltd. (MOSPL) believes that the sole test of a company’s performance is customer’s satisfaction. This, indeed, is the yardstick by which MOS measures it’s suc­cess. The ability to respond to customer needs and the versatility to adapt to ever changing market conditions will determine the size and success of Mercantile Office Systems in the days ahead.

Currently, Mercantile is the only company in Nepal providing total system solution (hardware, software, communication and other value added services) in Information Technology.